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Exen Vibrator HVE-RF

Brand : Exen
Engine Model : Robin EY20-3D
Dry Weight : 25.0 Kg


  • Vibrator with high capability
    3 or 4-stroke of hitting are dealt by shaft 1 rotation, and a strong shock generates a vibration of 158-200Hz. The best for hard concrete placing.
  • A shaft and a axle hole are long-life lives
    Shaft rotations is as low as 1/3 compared with frequency, there is little wear of a shaft and a axle hole, and is a long-life.
  • Power source is selectable
    Either Gas engine and a electric motor can be chosen as a power source. A motor is used in the spot of environmental priority and engine is used in the spot without a power supply. Moreover, engine can be used same as a power unit for submersible pumps.
  • Attach and Detach is one-motion
    Flexible shaft can be connected to the power source in one motion without using any tool.
  • Adoption of a special bearing
    Self-aligning type bearing which connects an flexible shaft and a vibration shaft. High durability and stabilized vibration is generated.
    We adopted a carbon brush to abolish the contact failure by an armature and the damage on a commutator by wear of a brush. If a brush is worn out to a certain level, the vibrator will be stopped automatically.

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