Koshin Trash Pump Honda KTH50X

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Koshin Trash Pump Honda KTH50X

Brand : Koshin
Engine Model : HONDA GX160
Fuel Capacity : 3.1 L
Starting System : Recoil Starter
Dry Weight : 51 Kg


Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Powered by Honda

  • Conventional mechanical seal using carbon ceramic is replaced by silicon carbide (SiC) seal is developed by Koshin and we are the first manufacturer to use such durable material in Japan.

Thoughtful Design

  • Special plug designed on impeller allows easy removal.
  • Simply insert any rod and twist to separate impeller from its casing.
  • No special tool required

High Self-priming Performance

  • Special structure is designed to ensure high capacity self-priming performance.
    Koshin trash pumps give excellent performance and durability

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